Jun 23, 2014 · I got my BFP this past Saturday at 4DP5DT or 9DPO!!!! We transferred 2 perfect blasts on 6/17.

Oct 11, 2021 · So below is the line progression I had on First Response Early Results (FRER) from 3dp5dt to 11dp5dt.

. We only transferred 1 embryo.

Are digital tests better than non digital? I have not been using digital tests.

Oct 27, 2015 · Im 4dp5dt and today lost it and bought a Clearblue and First Response HPT.

Share. Feeling down. Praying this worked so bad.

Very very VERY faint line, 8dp5dt.

. What DPT did you get an official positive? 4dp5dt but suuuper faint. Was your BFP from a fresh or FET cycle? Fresh Report 0 Reply.

I didn't get a positive until day 8. My HCG is always.

But I got a positive - very, very, faint - but its there! I tested again this morning (12 hours later.


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but i know its early! Trying to stay positive. .

In four pregnancies now I’ve gotten a very very faint positive by the evening of 4dp5dt, but it was easier to see (albeit still very faint) the next day.
Hi there!!! So I’m just going to cut straight to the chase lol.

TTC started with four failed IUI's.

I got a stark white yesterday at 4dp5dt, I cried all night and chose to take another one this morning (5dp5dt) with tissues ready to go.

Sep 24, 2019 · In IVF or FET Pregnancy. This afternoon I tested with FRER and got a clear positive. hope things are more positive your end xx.

. no, that equates to 10dpo, so that could be a real positive! I got my first positive on 4dp5dt, the only difference it was a fresh cycle, not a FET, but the timing is fine! Some REs are wary of chemical pregnancies, of course, so they like to test later. Any thoughts or experience. 5dp5dt FET - BFN FRER. 30pm'ish. Mar 18, 2022 · Hi! So I accidentally ended up testing at 3dp5dt and got a faint positive.

Mine wasn't an option.

Had that surgically removed which caused scar. .

I’ve read that Ovitrelle 250 has less hcg in than some other injections so I’d probably take another test tomorrow or in a couple of days and if it’s darker then you know it’s positive.

Had my transfer Thursday and I swear I see a line on a first response (pm testing).

January 2014 LSN8308 said:.


My tests didn’t get dark enough to do anything other than speculate until the evening on day 7.